Alzheimer's Awareness

For this project, I created an animation that illustrates the stages of Alzheimer's Disease. This animation was featured on the Alzheimer's Association of Washington website, along with a post in which I describe what prompted me to make this video. The goal of this project was to bring awareness to the disease through education, using abstracted imagery to convey the complex process that occurs in the brain. Ever since this project, I have been a volunteer graphic designer for the Alzheimer’s Association of WA. Some of my recent work with them includes social media cards that showcase '10 Ways to Love Your Brain'.
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On The Moon

For this project, I created an experimental book which chronologically details the journey of rapper Kid Cudi, as he creates work that becomes a reflection of his personal life. My goal for this project was to represent how Kid Cudi’s lyrics and music videos were an artistic expression of his personal journey.
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