Brick & Pixel

Brick & Pixel aims to empower small online businesses by connecting them with spaces and resources to take their brands from virtual to physical. We help brands create pop-ups by streamlining logistics and providing fixtures that are rentable and customizable within a space.
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Inspired by an Indian & Pakistani grocery store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, this display sans-serif typeface solves your grocery needs. Chutney, an homage to the traditional South Asian sauce, asserts itself with a bright, bold, and confident presence, adding a punch of flavor to anything from food and spice packaging, to marketplace wayfinding—it's spice in the form of a typeface!
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Just For Kicks

Through 400 minutes of interviews and conversations, Just for Kicks attempts to understand how E-commerce has changed individual relationships between collectors and their shoes over the past 15 years. This 84 page book contains all original content including interviews photography, and illustrations.
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