I AM ~ AM I is an outdoor exhibit full of color, light, and texture for exploring the fluid and intersectional nature of identity. Identity is often viewed as fixed and innate rather than dynamic and situational. Although we have begun to accept certain identity markers as unfixed or non-binary such as gender and sexuality, we think it’s about time to start thought and conversation like this around a wider range of identity issues. Our work hopes to show that by seeing ourselves as more dynamic, intersectional, and fluid people we guard against bias, exclusion, and polarization.
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Ride. Watch. Learn. Earn. During this 2 minute installation, users learn about sustainable consumption, earn a reward, have the chance to compete for a bigger prize, and literally feel the amount of energy needed to create a single compostable cup. We hope to build awareness of the environmental harm of using disposable cups and to encourage UW community members to bring their own reusable mugs. Together with computer science engineering majors, Alex Davis and Sachin Bharati, we built an interactive full-body experience for people where riding the bike would activate an informative video about sustainable cup usage. Participants of the installation would receive a coupon for a free drink at the Parnassus or the Husky grind if they bring their own mug. Participants who did the 1-minute biking speed challenge competed to win a free reusable thermos.
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Piccadilly is a geometric sans-serif with a splash of British personality. Piccadilly was created by tracing an image of a handmade sign once used for a department store in Piccadilly Square, London in 1936. This typeface was developed over five weeks of drawing, re-drawing, and digitally refining each letter.  Credits also to Sofia Cababa-Wood.
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Arboretum App

For our redesign of the proposed Arboretum app, we wanted to let the beauty of the park speak for itself. By introducing the gardens through full screen photos we highlight their unique qualities. Curious visitors can follow one of the fun and interactive tours. Along the way, visitors can use the plant ID feature to learn more about the plants around them, even how to identify them on their own.
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Rep(AIR) is an olfactory interface that brings attention to wear and breakage on a bicycle as part of an autobiographical design inquiry. This work extends the discourse on repair to include moments of wear, maintenance, and care as a part of the ongoing process of everyday use; recenters functionality to the human-object team, rather than the object alone; highlights teamwork and collaboration as a way to challenge the hierarchical human-object narrative; and shows the role of Rep(AIR) as a tool which gave the bicycle a voice—revealing the often uncommunicated experience of wear and tear on an object.
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Objects Of

‘Objects Of’ is a story exchange network that asks us to reflect on the preconceived ideas we have about each other and serves to reframe empathy as something more humble. Additional Team Outside UW Design Nikita Kovalovs Saransh Solanki Mary Caroline Craig (Actress)
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