Augment UW

The University of Washington has a rich and fascinating history. Established in 1861, the Campus has witnessed a multitude of world events and influential leaders. Yet, very few students are well connected to the historical significance of the campus they walk on every day. The UW Time Capsule will give you a chance to learn about the people and buildings that have made the University what it is today. Using Augmented Reality, you can see the history of UW come to life right before your very eyes!
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Arboretum App

For our redesign of the proposed Arboretum app, we wanted to let the beauty of the park speak for itself. By introducing the gardens through full screen photos we highlight their unique qualities. Curious visitors can follow one of the fun and interactive tours. Along the way, visitors can use the plant ID feature to learn more about the plants around them, even how to identify them on their own.
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