As apartments are being built smaller and smaller each year and micro-living is becoming increasingly popular, kitchens are drastically downsizing. Many newer small kitchens may have tiny stoves or none at all. The FUSE hot plate is designed to maximize the space of small kitchens by combining with a cutting board and attaching to a holder on a kitchen wall. Both the cutting board and the hot plate join together perfectly to neatly store in the FUSE wall mount. Organize cords effortlessly with the built-in cord management system on the underside of the device. Users are able to adjust the temperature of the hot plate through the intuitive heat meter. A simmer feature is included for precise low-temperature cooking. Keeping track of cooking is painless with the built-in timer.
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Alla Table

The Alla table, or “everyone’s table” in Swedish, is designed to be more inclusive and flexible than the average meeting table. The table has a myriad of features that provides a space that is inviting and productive, including a table height set slightly below the industry average to more comfortably accommodate shorter individuals who are traditionally excluded in office furniture design. An unobtrusive storage area with knobs provides a space to store items. To provide a convenient place to charge phones or laptops, a modular USB and AC power option can be implemented in the handle. The curved end caps mean that there is also no “head of the table” to further facilitate the inclusivity in meetings at “everyone’s table”.
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Pilchuck 45

The Pilchuck 45 is a modular pack system that gives hikers the freedom to interchange their packs to fit every adventure. The frame is the central component of the Pilchuck pack. The trampoline style frame provides optimal ventilation while the swiveling hip belt gives hikers unhindered movement. Since the frame is removable, adventurers can swap out the type of pack they use depending on their activity. The Pilchuck 45 pack is just one pack within the Pilchuck family. It is a medium sized pack for short backpacking trips. Features include daisy loop chains, compression straps, and a roll-top closure. The roll top allows hikers the freedom to expand or compress the pack as they need.
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