Green Thumb

After witnessing many plant funerals, I created this publication to aid plant novices in growing their own indoor gardens. The selection of plants were curated to accommodate Seattle’s ever-changing climate. Included in this publication are tips and tricks to care for various houseplants as well as ways to style them around the home.
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Uwajimaya Rebrand

Uwajimaya is known for being the largest Asian retailer in the Pacific Northwest. They offer the widest selection of curated brands, products, and produce to generations of dedicated customers. With an increasing influx of new customers and competitors, Uwajimaya strives to evolve their brand in order to accommodate their ever-growing clientele and position themselves to the top of the market. This rebrand showcases Uwajimaya as a premier destination, reflecting a fresh and more modern aesthetic.
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Raising a child can be cause for a lot of anxiety in parents. From ages 0-5, it is imperative that children to be screened for any developmental delays so that they can be diagnosed early on. While parents understand the importance of documenting changes in their children’s development, they can be overwhelmed by many logistical challenges that come with child rearing. Bean is an app that alleviates the pressure of screening a child's developmental progress by enabling multiple caregivers to collaborate, engage with, and monitor a child's growth.
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