Without Music...

I made this animation for the motion design class to explore the relationship between motion and type. The assignment was to select a meaningful quote and animate the letterforms in a way that enhances that meaning. My animation illustrates the value of music by creating disharmony and unease when "music" is removed from the screen. The typography takes on the form and function of a piano where the characters are the keys. When the word "music" fades away, the piano cannot play the correct melody because the necessary notes are missing.

Arboretum App

This app for the Washington Park Arboretum is based on a stylized map of the park, focusing on wayfinding and plant identification. It uses the Arboretum’s existing database of their plants’ locations and species, but improves upon their current web-based map, which is cluttered and difficult to use. With features such as "nearby" and "highlighted plants," users can easily discover the wonders of the arboretum and learn about the beautiful plant life there.
Arboretum 1 Arboretum 2

REI Rebrand

I determined that REI needed a bolder look that would stand out from the growing number of outdoor retailers. Because of their unique consumer co-op model, I emphasized their dedication to building and maintaining communities around outdoor recreation. I designed the brand components to invoke a sense of support from REI to their consumers. In the brand positioning statement I say that REI provides "the fuel for the adventurer inside of each and every one of us."
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Biomimicry is a symbol set meant to educate children about the value of biodiversity. People have drawn inspiration from nature for centuries in order to solve a wide variety of problems through invention. Each symbol in this set (26 in total, one for each letter of the alphabet) features an animal species and a day-to-day object that matches one of that species' unique adaptations. The duck symbol, for example is superimposed with an umbrella to reference the water proof feathers that ducks have.
Animalsymbols Revisit 14 Animalsymbols Revisit 15