Aera is a wireless hair dryer and mirror defogger designed to improve the daily bathroom experience. Throughout the ethnographic research we noticed that the bathrooms have a lack of space on the counters as well the users were frustrated with the fogged mirror taking long to dry after their shower. The wireless hair drying experience gives the user the freedom to take this device anywhere with them. The handle on Aera switches from hairdryer to defogger when snapped in. To defog the mirror, Aera can be mounted on the wall next to the mirror and turned on during or after shower. When not in use, this device can be stored on the same wall-mounted charger, making the counter more space efficient.
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Venn Tables

The Venn Tables were designed by Grace Budgett and Kat Hazen during their final sponsored studio in collaboration with Hightower furniture. Designed for flexible use, the Venn Tables encourage collaboration and intimacy within the workplace by allowing users to craft their environment to fit their needs. With rotating storage, integrated power, and a soft, joyful presence, the Venn family anticipates the changing needs of the people who use it.
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A holter monitor is an at-home extended heart monitoring device for those with heart disease. They have five specifically placed electrodes that gather data about heart function from all angles. Typical holters require a doctor visits for both the installment and analysis, are adhered directly to the skin with conductive gel that can't get wet, a battery that only lasts 72 hours. HolterHub is a new holter monitor system that allows patients to take control of their health without constant doctor visits. This system utilizes textile electrodes that can be machine washed, a rechargeable battery which extends it's wear time, and smartphone connectivity to allow users to access and interact with their personal health information.
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Coldline: Wildland Firefighting Pack

Coldline is a flexible, modular backpack that emphasizes ventilation and adaptability for the ever-changing environments that wildland firefighters work in. Using a flexible plastic frame and structured pack, Coldline is able to distribute heavy loads while allowing for a range of movement while on the job. The carefully designed harness redistributes the weight away from common pain areas found in typical packs, and attachment slots on the frame allow the user to customize the equipment they are carrying.
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