O•PEAR is a vitals monitor for babies born with complications. O•PEAR is a baby monitor that measures and tracks a newborn’s heart rate, temperature, and respiratory rate. Its unique shape cradles the baby’s body and head, preventing abnormal shaping of the skull and holding the baby’s spine at its natural curvature. The O•PEAR can be secured to a swaddle blanket and used when the baby is awake or asleep. Its lack of wires and light weight allows for easy portability. The O•PEAR ensures that the newborn’s vitals are functioning properly, even after leaving the hospital. The connected app allows for the parent to check heart rate, temperature, and respiratory rate in real time. It also stores the information and uses graphs to show trends over time. That information can be shared on a special feature that supplies doctors available for live chat to answer questions 24/7. There is also a community page that connects parents of newborns to offer each other support online. A facts feed page shares helpful tips on healthy growth of the baby.
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