Recycling Rundown

Recycling contamination occurs when items are sorted incorrectly or placed in bins in an unusable state. Contamination degrades usable material and can make the whole batch go to landfill if it is too visibly contaminated. With China’s rejection of loads with more than 0.5% contamination, recycling buildup has become an alarming issue, with facilities being overloaded and sending good batches straight to landfill. Recycling Rundown is a 3-part exhibition that aims to bridge the gap between the user, their waste, and what happens to it after it leaves their hand. The exhibition includes: an information panel with a sticker sheet takeaway of tips and reminders, a ball run that is synonymous with sorting facilities to teach the users what happens after they dispose items, and a sorting test for users to test their knowledge while learning proper sorting habits.
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Snapback X

Snapback X is a biometric harness with a rechargeable sensor body and real-time data app that supports users with upper body orthopedic trauma. With the length of the recovery process, users may get disheartened due to the stagnant nature and slow progress of improving their health, while not truly knowing what is happening within their bodies. However, using Snapback X, users can gain insight on what’s happening within their body and track their pain and progress from the comfort of their own homes. Not only does the Snapback X help monitor the user’s condition, it allows them to treat their symptoms at the same time with its embedded electrodes for electrical stimulation. Altogether, the Snapback X keeps the user accountable for their recovery, in tune with their body, and confident in their care.
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Arc Desk

Arc Desk is a furniture piece that functions according to the way the user wants to work. With sedentary behavior and long working hours weighing on our bodies and health, this desk allows the user to utilize its different working positions to move around and cater to their body's natural urges. Arc accommodates many different sitting positions and various usages with its flipping capabilities, and with the desk’s multi-functioning surfaces, there is never a shortage on shelf or desk space in its changing configurations.
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