Sprout is a mobile app designed to help parents keep track of their children’s developmental progress and celebrate their life. Sprout is based on Babysteps, a research project by Julie Kientz at the University of Washington. The purpose of this app is to create a quick, enjoyable method for parents and family members to become more aware of their child’s development.
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Inspired by an Indian & Pakistani grocery store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, this display sans-serif typeface solves your grocery needs. Chutney, an homage to the traditional South Asian sauce, asserts itself with a bright, bold, and confident presence, adding a punch of flavor to anything from food and spice packaging, to marketplace wayfinding—it's spice in the form of a typeface!
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In the Urdu dialect, America is pronounced as Amreeka, which it why this book is titled as such. It sounds like America, but not quite. My family and I are American, but not quite. Sometimes, but not always. This is why I raise the question of: Who can actually attain the American dream? What does it take? What skin color does it take? What kind of easily-pronounced name? What gender? This is an account of my parents’ pursuit for the American dream. I am only a witness to a fraction of it, but these are stories I grew up listening to. I put this together in the hopes of giving my parents’ experiences a voice. Compiling a physical record of their stories has been heavy on my heart and has given me an even better understanding of my place and privilege as a Pakistani-American.
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IxDA Interaction '19 Conference Branding

Branding for the IxDA annual Interaction Conference for 2019 based off of the theme 'Design in the Wild.' The visual language of this project takes inspiration from the movements of nature, including lava, sand, and water. The logotype is constantly changing and stretching through its letterforms to represent the evolving and unpredictable nature of the discipline of Interaction design.
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