Prompted by the Microsoft Design Expo's 2019 theme "Empathy at Scale", Loop brings people together by building better habits with smartphones. Loop makes "screen time" a resource which is earned and spent, values time in social contexts greater more highly, and motivates improved behavior through gamification.
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Arboretum App

This app for the Washington Park Arboretum is based on a stylized map of the park, focusing on wayfinding and plant identification. It uses the Arboretum’s existing database of their plants’ locations and species, but improves upon their current web-based map, which is cluttered and difficult to use. With features such as "nearby" and "highlighted plants," users can easily discover the wonders of the arboretum and learn about the beautiful plant life there.
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The Collaboration Station

At the University of Washington, Business Students, Design Students, and Computer Science Students have compelling ideas, but face the challenge of trying to find students in other departments who can collaborate with them. The Collaboration Station is a physical machine that serves to connect students with project opportunities and shared interests. It was created alongside of Harrison Kwik, Christine Ta, and Sam Tompkins. Users answer prompts with a number pad located on the machine. If they have a project to share, at the end they record a message about their project. If they are looking for a project, they listen to messages that others have recorded and can leave a message if they are interested in a project. This allows for the Collaboration Station to be a hub that students can visit and return back to time and time again, creating a physical location for collaboration and for connections to be made outside of using the machine.
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