Bau-Wau Bag

The New York City MTA introduced a law that bans dogs from riding the subway unless you can fit inside of a bag or container. This is an effective ban on most larger dog breeds, leaving commuters and their four-legged friends without many options. The Bau-Wau Bag aims to provide a compact solution that conforms to the MTA regulations. Designed to be quickly deployed in subway stations, it allows the user to contain their dog for short rides and avoid fees, without having to carry around a cumbersome dog crate. Utilizing an internal coil spring, it is able to collapse into the base for easy transport. When Metro Police are fast approaching, simply undo the folding strap handle and watch as the bag springs to life. The strap now acts as your handle for pulling your dog onto the subway.
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Arc Desk

Arc Desk is a furniture piece that functions according to the way the user wants to work. With sedentary behavior and long working hours weighing on our bodies and health, this desk allows the user to utilize its different working positions to move around and cater to their body's natural urges. Arc accommodates many different sitting positions and various usages with its flipping capabilities, and with the desk’s multi-functioning surfaces, there is never a shortage on shelf or desk space in its changing configurations.
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Coldline: Wildland Firefighting Pack

Coldline is a flexible, modular backpack that emphasizes ventilation and adaptability for the ever-changing environments that wildland firefighters work in. Using a flexible plastic frame and structured pack, Coldline is able to distribute heavy loads while allowing for a range of movement while on the job. The carefully designed harness redistributes the weight away from common pain areas found in typical packs, and attachment slots on the frame allow the user to customize the equipment they are carrying.
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