The Loom Stool is designed to create an instant sense of nostalgia for those who desire to reconnect to their furniture. In a market designed for “fast furniture” purchases, individuals don’t feel their furniture has longevity, producing more waste and losing the character attributed to older furniture and antiques. The simple, multi-purpose, wooden frame of Loom is designed to allow individuals to weave their own seat with a variety of pre-looped materials, promoting customization and change over time.
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A device and connected app designed to support personal medical monitoring and enhance at-home therapy in muscle redevelopment. Reforma is designed to monitor muscle growth alongside physical activity through the use of stitched bend sensors in the arm band. It also incorporates heat, ice and massage therapy with attachable thermal packs, creating a line that could be prescribed to patients by their physical therapists to aid their recovery, after upper arm and shoulder injuries.
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A packboard designed for the rigor of Search and Rescue. This packboard design takes a modern twist with its two piece frame, allowing weight distribution and comfort. Built in grab handles, along with side and front lashing points allow quick access throughout the duration of each mission. (In collaboration with Caroline Slick)