Tectonic, made in collaboration with Kernel Labs, is a noise filtering device that enables clear hands free calling for drivers. Background noise frequently creates miscommunication during calls, especially the road noise drivers face. Tectonic uses machine learning to eliminate background noise and detect only human voice, so both sides of the call hear each other clearly.
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Balsam is a dynamic office workstation that emphasizes functionality and collaboration. Variety and choice are essential for employee satisfaction and productivity, a fact that has lead to increasingly adaptive workplaces. This is where Balsam fits it. The table is highly mobile and allows for impromptu meetings around a whiteboard or pin-up board. Designed in collaboration with Hightower, a local furniture company, Balsam incorporates the firm's playful Scandinavian style.
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Coldline: Wildland Firefighting Pack

Coldline is a flexible, modular backpack that emphasizes ventilation and adaptability for the ever-changing environments that wildland firefighters work in. Using a flexible plastic frame and structured pack, Coldline is able to distribute heavy loads while allowing for a range of movement while on the job. The carefully designed harness redistributes the weight away from common pain areas found in typical packs, and attachment slots on the frame allow the user to customize the equipment they are carrying.
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