Ventilation in ski jackets has been dominated by pit zips in the snow jacket industry. Alta pushes the envelope to explore different methods of ventilation by utilizing high and low pressure zones on the skiers body for more efficient and accessible airflow. Ventilation zips on the upper arms allow for easier access and a less cumbersome interaction than pit zips. Along with increased accessibility, the placement on the arms affords more air flow, due to placement near the high pressure zone on a skier. The open mesh vent on the back of the jacket is near the low pressure zone. This interaction between the two pressure zones increases air flow while the skier is moving on the mountain. The bottom flaps of the jacket open and pin to the sides as another option for increasing airflow. Pockets are high on the jacket to stay clear from the waist strap commonly found on touring backpacks. The pockets provide ample storage for essentials that need to be accessed quickly, like skins for skis.
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