Write helps you communicate with the people you love. By bringing reflection, discovery, and expression together in an online space, Write reclaims the meaning lost in digital communication. https://timetowrite.online Letter writing is a unique opportunity to reflect, discover, and express yourself. Physically writing a letter is time-consuming and associated with insecurities like bad handwriting and poor writing skills. On the other hand, digital communication is temporary and lacks meaning. Write makes it easy to send and receive meaningful communication not intermixed with the other to-dos and logistics cluttering our email inboxes, text histories, and voicemails. To help you write letters, Write prompts you periodically with self-reflective questions to ask yourself and to ask people around you. Once you send a letter with Write, it will be delivered at a random moment within seven days after sending. When someone knows the exact moment a message was delivered and seen, an expectation for a hasty response is placed on both the sender and receiver. By delivering letters serendipitously, Write creates a space for reflecting on the content of the letter.
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