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Three years ago we stepped onto the grounds of the UW Design program eager to learn everything about the craft and industry of design. Since then, we have brought life to work we never dreamt possible, pushed the boundaries of our creativity, and grown side-by-side into the designers we are today. Thank you for supporting us on this journey, and we hope you enjoy this showcase of work collected

From the Ground Up.



  • Identity
    Rachel Connelly
    Isaac Jaeger
    Cody Scott
    Piper Wysaske
  • Website
    Justin McKissick
    Faezah Shaharuddin
    Raisa Janjua
  • Environmental
    Nate Smith
    Matthew Wright
    David Duyker
    Chloe Corriveau
    Aliaksei Zhurankou
    Ioan Butiu
  • Hype
    Joylyn Yang
    Alyssa Chow
    Netty Lim
    Uyen Cao
    Liliana Rasmussen
    Matthew Farmer
  • Interactive Media
    Megan Manzano
    Claire Chen
    Elleyce Pahang
    Erica Lee
    Jamillia Lopez
  • Catering
    Grace Budgett
    Grant Muma
    Katherine Hazen
    Perry Burke
    Selina Nguyen
  • Mail-out + Promos
    Caitlin Murphy
    Emily Eich
    Jacob Etelamaki
    Jett Tucker
    Théa Ringelstein
    Andie Niebling
  • Pedestal + Prep
    Cayla Key
    JJ Hatheway
    Katherine Taylor
    Leah Bertuccelli
    Terrick Eto
  • Portrait
    Erika Haack
    Victoria Peskin
    Jingxuan Ji
  • Adjustment Bureau
    Andrew Le
    Tallon Cote
    Maverick Garces
    Audrey Levy
  • Removal
    Arya Kani
  • Random Tasks
    Isaac Waring
  • Video
    Alex Britton
    Hannah Mei
    Timothy Kwon
    Zixing Guo
    Blair Mendel
  • Faculty
    Annabelle Gould
    Audrey Desjardins
    Axel Roesler
    Christopher Ozubko
    Dominic Muren
    Jason Germany
    Karen Cheng
    Kristine Matthews
    Michael Kritzer
    Michael Smith
    Sang-gyeun Ahn