Brick & Pixel

Brick & Pixel aims to empower small online businesses by connecting them with spaces and resources to take their brands from virtual to physical. We help brands create pop-ups by streamlining logistics and providing fixtures that are rentable and customizable within a space.
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Piccadilly is a geometric sans-serif with a splash of British personality. Piccadilly was created by tracing an image of a handmade sign once used for a department store in Piccadilly Square, London in 1936. This typeface was developed over five weeks of drawing, re-drawing, and digitally refining each letter.  Credits also to Sofia Cababa-Wood.
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Interaction 19 Conference Identity

Interaction 19 is an annual interaction conference that brings together Interaction Design professionals and experts from around the world. The challenge with this project was to synthesize what the conference stood for: exchange of ideas, connection and pushing boundaries despite the unknown. We developed a visual language that would convey these ideas while also conveying the fun participants were in for. This was done through experiments with movement and a vibrant color palette.
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Common Ground (Publication)

Music has always played a big role in my life and personal growth, whether it was experienced alone, with friends or strangers. Music has always fascinated me with its ability to convey nuanced emotions that most people find hard to articulate in words. This publication grew out of a personal yearning to understand the different ways my peers related to music while venturing out of my comfort zone to conduct one-on-one interviews and photoshoots. 12 weeks to make a whole book was a huge undertaking, but it was an immensely valuable exercise not just in visual design but also connecting more with the people around me through our shared hopes and fears — our common ground.
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