Real Change Infographic

Real Change is an award-winning weekly newspaper that provides an immediate employment opportunity and takes action for economic, social, and racial justice for those in the Greater Seattle Area. They refer to themselves as “a hand up, not a handout,” as they help get those in less-than ideal positions back on their feet. To set the record straight about Real Change, their goals, and how their non-profit system works, we created an informational guide for the general public in hopes of de-stigmatizing and informing Seattleites of their friendly neighborhood Real Change vendors.
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Inspired by an Indian & Pakistani grocery store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, this display sans-serif typeface solves your grocery needs. Chutney, an homage to the traditional South Asian sauce, asserts itself with a bright, bold, and confident presence, adding a punch of flavor to anything from food and spice packaging, to marketplace wayfinding—it's spice in the form of a typeface!
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Showroom Stories

We're not perfect. Our lives are messy, dramatic, sometimes unstable and usually hectic. We aspire to be our best, and live our best, but often hide behind the facade of a “perfect” life. Shown through the very realistic lens of one of the most circulated publications in the world, Showroom Stories attempts to highlight the imperfections and “real lives” of the seemingly everyday people of the IKEA world. Original satirical stories about these fictitious people are juxtaposed with an op-ed detailing the reality of IKEA’s capitalization on creating the perfect home.
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Uwajimaya Rebrand

A staple in the Northwest, Uwajimaya is the go-to destination for the widest variety of Asian-specific grocery items, housewares, and experiences. The challenge for this rebrand was to evolve Uwajimaya into a competitive, contemporary lifestyle brand, while still staying true to its heritage and presence in the lives of Northwest families. Where the current branding fails to represent the company's core values of quality and authority, this rebrand elevates Uwajimaya to the top position of the market, while still bringing it into the modern era. From our family to yours, welcome to Uwajimaya.
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