Real Change Infographic

Real Change is an award-winning weekly newspaper that provides an immediate employment opportunity and takes action for economic, social, and racial justice for those in the Greater Seattle Area. They refer to themselves as “a hand up, not a handout,” as they help get those in less-than ideal positions back on their feet. To set the record straight about Real Change, their goals, and how their non-profit system works, we created an informational guide for the general public in hopes of de-stigmatizing and informing Seattleites of their friendly neighborhood Real Change vendors.
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Inspired by religion and the density of modern day bibles, I was interested in creating something more stimulating. Initially, I had wanted to deescalate the Bible, but realized I may have misinterpreted escalation for respect. I wanted to maintain everything that the Bible is, but make it a more casual reading experience for the average reader. Genesis was an obvious starting point, and ideally Exodus, Leviticus, and so on would soon follow. Each book would stand on its own, but be designed in a matching style—an unbinding of the bible of sorts. Together, they would create a collection and take a sizable portion of shelf space—an undeniable presence. My concept goes beyond Christianity, with the goal of making many holy books a more casual experience.
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In Their Shoes

Customer Service Agents, or CSAs, are an essential part of any air travel experience. More often than not, they are overlooked, overworked, and under appreciated. Unless you’ve done the job, you don’t know what it’s like a day in their shoes—tears, to screams, they deal with it all. For me, this wasn’t just an assignment, but an opportunity. An opportunity to shine a light on just how much work these invaluable people do, night and day. For this, I reached out to my good friend Janelle, and filmed a day in her shoes.


Inspired by an Indian & Pakistani grocery store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, this display sans-serif typeface solves your grocery needs. Chutney, an homage to the traditional South Asian sauce, asserts itself with a bright, bold, and confident presence, adding a punch of flavor to anything from food and spice packaging, to marketplace wayfinding—it's spice in the form of a typeface!
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Nordic Museum

The Nordic Museum is an internationally recognized museum, and an essential piece of Seattle history—the Ballard neighborhood in particular. The museum serves as a cultural center where people of all backgrounds are welcomed to be inspired by the values, traditions, art, and spirit of the Nordic peoples. The new museum expands on its programs and collection reflecting Nordic American culture and the immigration story, adding a dynamic communication platform to explore and exchange a rich diversity of ideas about life in the Nordic region and a sharing of Nordic culture—past and present. When tasked with giving the newly built + more centrally located museum a new identity, it was important to maintain the museum’s rich history, while providing an identity that would carry it into the future. I looked to connect the Nordics not only with each other, but also with Seattle—the museum’s home.
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