Inspired by an Indian & Pakistani grocery store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, this display sans-serif typeface solves your grocery needs. Chutney, an homage to the traditional South Asian sauce, asserts itself with a bright, bold, and confident presence, adding a punch of flavor to anything from food and spice packaging, to marketplace wayfinding—it's spice in the form of a typeface!
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How to Protest in 2018

How to Protest in 2018: a Comprehensive List of Ways to Stand Up to the Man in the Modern Age is a hand-made publication that asks, "Is protest a productive use of political attention? Or is it just a bit of social theatre we perform to make ourselves feel virtuous, useful, and in the right?"
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Enough is Enough

This poster is commentary on the country's mass shooting epidemic. It's inspired by Senator Tammy Baldwin's testimony during the Democratic filibuster for gun control during which told the story of every victim in the Pulse Nightclub shooting. It's also a tribute to a friend I lost in a mass shooting. As a viewer approaches the poster, they are confronted by the stories of 570 people killed in mass shootings across the country, and is asked to reflect upon the degree to which the Second Amendment protected those lives.