TLDR Politics

TLDR is a video automation platform built on Adobe After Effects that takes complex ballot information in the form of a JSON-formatted data file, and outputs it as an engaging 2-3min video guide to a local political ballot measure. Millennials have the lowest voter turnout, despite being the 2nd largest generation of voters, and soon to become the first. Having identified that millennials are largely unsatisfied with their knowledge in local politics, TLDR aims to address the bottlenecks in the political education pipeline. We plan to alleviate voting friction for young adults by providing sharable, eye-catching content, that passively informs viewers on relevant political issues through a medium they already actively use. With several organizations tackling the issue of “Getting out the vote”, TLDR answers the important question: Once people start voting, how will they be prepared to do so?
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Seattle on the Grid

Seattle is quickly becoming a world-class city, driven in part by the rapid expansion of the technology industry. Through the five weeks of iterations, we designed this group of 16 visually distinct yet cohesive symbols that capture this new spirit of the city. These symbols are intended to be used in a new tourist campaign for Seattle, celebrating the city's rising prominence as a global destination through the locations and landmarks that make it unique.
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Harvest makes completing a task more fun and engaging through the gamification of the pomodoro time management technique. 20-minute segments of work are separated by 10-minute breaks, using the analogy of farming day/night cycles to indicate progress toward a set goal. Once you've completed your task, you are able to harvest a fruit or vegetable based on the length of time it was "grown", which is then stored in your Harvest tab.
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Interaction 19 Conference Identity

Interaction 19 is a week long interaction design conference taking place in Seattle, WA to celebrate and reflect on design across the industry along with this years theme of “design in the wild”. We created a dynamic, vibrant, algorithmically-generative design system that blends texture, shape, color, and dimension into a unique and customizable experience for each conference attendee. We did this to mimic the wild and unpredictable spontaneity of nature as a reflection of the excitement and unfamiliar territory the design industry is heading toward.
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