However charming MUJI may be, their iconography has always been inconsistent. This set of symbols is my take on icons that are representative of the practical beauty of MUJI products. They may be used for a myriad of applications.
Maverickg Muji 2 Maverickg Muji 3 Maverickg Muji 4

Memes of 2018*

Memes of 2018* No Captions Necessary is a publication that arose out of my curiousity of memes as they are both ubiquitous and yet their origins so opaque. Thus, this is an attempt to bring order to memes through an exploration of each ones origin, spread, and variations. The book consists of 80 memes chronologically ordered across 160 pages.
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Uwajimaya Rebrand

Uwajimaya has been a trusted Asian grocery store in the Pacific Northwest for generations—known by many for their quality standards and large product selection. However, their business and brand have lagged behind as consumer behaviors continue to change. This new identity positions Uwajimaya as more of a lifestyle brand—highlighting its history while also elevating them to be the premiere destination for Asian food and culture.
Maverickg Uwajimaya 1 Maverickg Uwajimaya 2 Maverickg Uwajimaya 3 Maverickg Uwajimaya 4 Maverickg Uwajimaya 5

IxDA Interaction '19 Conference Branding

Branding for the IxDA annual Interaction Conference for 2019 based off of the theme 'Design in the Wild.' The visual language of this project takes inspiration from the movements of nature, including lava, sand, and water. The logotype is constantly changing and stretching through its letterforms to represent the evolving and unpredictable nature of the discipline of Interaction design.
Interaction19 Raisa Maverick 1 Interaction19 Raisa Maverick 2 Interaction19 Raisa Maverick 3 Interaction19 Raisa Maverick 4 Interaction19 Raisa Maverick 5