In response to the cultural internalization of overwork and burnout culture, Fika is a service where professionals can connect with others with similar and relevant life experiences to build a network of solidarity. Through guided post-Fika reflections, the service opens up discussion for valuable, outside perspectives on their relationship with their life and work—providing a structure to begin contemplating the cultural, technological, and political forces that permeate American work culture. Fika, like Siesta, is a historically observed tradition. Swedish in origin, it is a reflective, often social ritual meant to encourage workers to take routine breaks away from their desk.
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Raising a child can be cause for a lot of anxiety in parents. From ages 0-5, it is imperative that children to be screened for any developmental delays so that they can be diagnosed early on. While parents understand the importance of documenting changes in their children’s development, they can be overwhelmed by many logistical challenges that come with child rearing. Bean is an app that alleviates the pressure of screening a child's developmental progress by enabling multiple caregivers to collaborate, engage with, and monitor a child's growth.
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Objects Of

‘Objects Of’ is a story exchange network that asks us to reflect on the preconceived ideas we have about each other and serves to reframe empathy as something more humble. Additional Team Outside UW Design Nikita Kovalovs Saransh Solanki Mary Caroline Craig (Actress)
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