Aspen is a set of two products with a smart-phone app compatibility. This set includes an air purifier designed to be mounted on the crib, assuring the air quality surrounding the baby is safe and clean at all times. It sends all data to the app, giving a record of the filter condition and air quality over any period of time. The air stream level can also be adjusted through the touch interface on top of the device and the app. The other accompanying product is a wearable heart rate and temperature monitor for the baby with an LED screen, worn on the baby's wrist at all times. By sending all data to the app parents and doctors can access the same data to make sure the baby is in stable conditions at all times. Additionally parents will get notified of any instability in baby's heart rate or temperature. The wearable monitor can be mounted on the air purifier for inductive charging when needed. Overall and by reporting the baby’s data, the doctor can communicate to the parents via the app. This will help reduce the number of doctor visits the premature mothers have to go through.
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